Commercial Loans

The CPCDC differentiates itself in four distinct ways than that of its conventional banking counterparts.  It utilizes a more lenient credit analysis, in many cases requires less upfront capital from business owners and can allow a longer amortization period creating more flexible repayment terms. Most importantly, the CPCDC helps provide the technical assistance necessary to develop the skills needed to keep a business soluble and profitable.

The CPCDC provides funding for the following business purposes:

  • Commercial real estate acquisition
  • Commercial real estate refurbishment
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Supplies
  • Working capital

The CPCDC prides itself in nurturing business of all sizes with loans in its portfolio as small as $5,000.  On the other end of the spectrum, the CPCDC can independently offer loan funding up to $300,000.  Credit requests in excess of this amount may be facilitated by the CPCDC, but will require participation from other financial entities.

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Commercial Loans FAQ

1How long will the process take?
Typically, it takes around 4-6 weeks, if all required documents are included with the application. Four weeks if there is no real estate involved in the loan, 6 weeks for real estate transactions because we will have required title work and appraisal.
2Do you provide grants?
The CPCDC does not provide grant funding. The access to capital available is in the form of a loan.
3Who do you lend to?
Any Native American business in the State of Oklahoma and CPN tribal members nationwide.
4What is the interest rate?
Our interest rate will start at wall street prime and go up based on the risk of the loan (collateral, capacity and what you are doing with the capital)
5I have a small business and only need about $5,000 to get started, can I still get a commercial loan?