Consumer/Employee Loan FAQ

1What is my Employee Loan payoff?
Please contact us at for any questions
2When can I renew?
When your loan is paid off 1/3 of the way.
3How long does it take to get approved?
About 2 weeks
4Do you report to the credit bureau?
Yes we report to all three
5Can I pay my loan off early?
Yes, please call the office at 405-878-4697 for assistance.
6What is the interest rate?
Please refer to the front page of the application for additional information.
7What are the renewal fees?
Please refer to the front page of the application for additional information.

Consumer - Employee Loans

Payday loan companies make loans to individuals in financial distress and charge APR's ranging from 250%-1,000%. Employees of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation have an alternative - loans from $500-$2,000 may be obtained from the CPCDC which not only provides a loan to satisfy immediate financial needs, but also offers a long-term solution to financial hardship in the form of education; guidance and instruction in the areas of budgeting and managing credit obligations.

Jumpstart Auto Program

Employees of CPN have access to our auto loan program as a benefit to the employee to break the barrier of getting to work from a lack of reliable transportation.

HITS - Tornado Shelter Loans

Do you need a storm shelter? This program can provide up to a $4,200 loan to build a storm shelter.

Credit Builder Loans

In today's economy a credit score is a valuable financial asset. The Credit Builder Loan Program was designed for those who are first time borrowers or those with past credit problems. This program offers Native Americans enrolled in a federal recognized tribe an active line of good credit, dramatically increasing their credit score and establishing or reestablishing good credit.