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10 Ways to Successfully Market Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

February 2, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

In this interactive Q&A, we’ll cover 10 ways that you can market your business so that you can market with intention and confidence.

About this Event

Future Proof is a program that assists businesses with identifying new markets, pivoting their business model, and developing and implementing a deep digital transformation plan. Join via Zoom link below.


Everyone knows that they need to market their business, but not everyone knows how to do so in a way that makes money instead of wasting it. With all the tools available to modern marketers, it’s hard for small businesses to know where to invest their time and money with marketing, and how to tell whether it’s working or not.


Marketing, if done right, can help ramp up sales, generate masses of new customers, and create an entirely new revenue stream for your business. If done well, it can become a painful and embarrassing waste of time and money that leads to a lot of frustration and very few results.


In this interactive Q&A, we’ll cover 10 ways that you can market your business, so that you can market with intention and confidence.


Join us for a short presentation on

● Low cost and no cost marketing ideas any business can use

● How to know which marketing platform is right for you

● How to track, measure and tweak your marketing to save money and time


Followed by a Q&A session where

● We’ll discuss some of the unique challenges small business owners are facing and how to deal with them

● You will get the opportunity to have your questions answered by entrepreneurs who understand the challenges you’re going through


Presenter Marco Patricio

Marco Patricio is a storyteller, copywriter, and marketer that helps businesses create content and marketing that connects with their customers and drives sales. Marco has worked with businesses of all sizes to better tell their stories, from established brands like Shopify and Mozilla to small businesses of all sorts across every industry.


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