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Adventure Awaits at Shawnee Outdoors

by TaRena Reece, Marketing & Facilities Manager, CPCDC

Every man has his dreams, but some dreams grow to have more significance than others. Recently, our crew sat down with native business owner, Nathan Beauchamp, of Shawnee Outdoors, LLC, to discover the magic behind his business. What was the dream and how did a guy like Nathan wake up one morning to find himself a business owner? Not just any business owner, mind you, but owner of one of the coolest, most unique stores in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Shawnee Outdoors, LLC is the place to be if you are looking for great indoor-outdoor fun. With a state-of-the-art Gun Range boasting 18 climate-controlled lanes, with both static and tactical range options, a visit to the range has never held more appeal. Shawnee Outdoors offers gun safety/conceal carry classes, small engine service, and a 3,500 square foot, fully-stocked, retail showroom displaying everything from power equipment to guns, ammo, fishing and archery supplies, and so much more. When it comes to hunting, fishing, or conquering the wild backyard Shawnee Outdoors has it all!

Have you ever heard of secret menu items? We asked Nathan what he would like the public to know about his business and we got the best-kept secret ever. In addition to the range and retail showroom, Shawnee Outdoors offers a place to play basketball, pool, and foosball. Shawnee Outdoors even has a place to host parties and events. “I want to offer the community a place to have a good time,” said Nathan. “They want to have a birthday party and play basketball, whatever they want to do, I want it to be able to be done here at Shawnee Outdoors.” WHAT!?! You mean a party/event hosting center where EVERYONE can have a good time? Where moms and dads won’t dread taking their kids to a birthday party and just hanging out for a while? Exactly what we thought too, this is the best keep secret ever!

 A second location for Nathan, who also owns a Lawn Mower and Power Equipment store located in Ada, Oklahoma, Shawnee Outdoors has a unique appeal all its own. Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation (CPCDC) was able to help him realize his dream to purchase the store and Shawnee Outdoors was born. “I always wanted a gun range, and a complete outdoor store…it’s been a big dream of mine” said Nathan “and they’ve [CPCDC] made it possible.”

Nathan is a former law enforcement officer, an avid hunter, and business owner. This proved to be the perfect combination of skills and experience to operate an outdoor adventure business like Shawnee Outdoors. Nathan explains, “I grew up hunting. I’m a deer hunter. I’m an avid hunter of all kinds. I grew up doing hunting, fishing, and outdoor-related activities since I was old enough to do so. Being in this business, I’ve also had opportunities to go out more and travel the country a little bit more and do hunts that I wouldn’t typically be able to do. It’s given me that opportunity.”

What made this dream for Nathan more important than all the rest? “My business is important to me for the simple fact it’s my livelihood, and it’s my dream. At the end of the day, I don’t know what I’d be doing without it. It’s something I’ve always wanted. I’ve got it now, thanks to the CPCDC, they’ve made it possible.” As Nathan tells his story there is a wisp of pride in his voice, “It’s such a large store. It covers everything I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Often parents dream of making their businesses a legacy for their children and pass their success down by way of inheritance. A great way to plan for the future is to play for the long haul as Nathan is doing for his family with Shawnee Outdoors. “I’ve got three girls…I hope to pass it down to them. They’re very interested in the business. They like being up there and working.”  Nathan says, “It’s something I really hope to pass down to my kids. And it feels like it’s going to work.”

To shop Shawnee Outdoors or to book an event visit:

Shawnee Outdoors, LLC 40960 Hardesty Rd. Shawnee, OK 74801 395-9898 Facebook: @shawneeoutdoors

If you are wondering if owning a business is right for you, we hope that you take courage from Nathan’s story. We love helping native business owners fulfill their dreams of business success. Our staff takes a personal interest in helping business dreams come true. Shawnee Outdoors is a product of that effort. Nathan said, “If it wasn’t for the CPCDC I wouldn’t be here right now. They’ve made it possible for me to be here. They’ve been amazing, the process is so easy and I would encourage anyone interested in opening a small business or business in general to visit the CPCDC. The process with the CPCDC was very simple. After I got the application sent in … I had a couple of meetings with some of the staff, and it went to board, and I was approved within a month. The whole process was just very easy.”

Thank you, Nathan Beauchamp and Shawnee Outdoors for letting us be a part of your story. We are excited to watch your success. Migwetch!

The Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation finances tribal enterprises and Native American owned businesses like Shawnee Outdoors, LLC across Oklahoma and the U.S. To find out more about how we can help your Native-owned business call us today (405)878-4697 or visit us at  At Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation, we are planting seeds for a brighter future.

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